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Cup Manager are sending various e-mails to our users with tips, tricks and important information. This is how you control what you recieve

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When a user is signed up to Cup Manager they are assigned a user role as well as a user permission. This is done either by the user himself, by a tournament administrator or by Cup Manager staff-members.

The user role will determine a lot of which information that we communicate to you. We work with both automatic and manual sendouts. We strive to make all our sendouts relevant for the recipients, and will therefore filter mails regarding the registration system to the person in charge of registrations and info about the referee system to the person in charge of those. Most sendouts will go to the Main responsible and to the specific branch leader. 

How do I change my role?

You may change your user role (if you have the required permission to do so) in the Cup Manager-program under Settings->Users.

You can change the role of yourself and your colleagues in the tournament. Please use this feature responsible. 

Stop receiving onboarding messages

There are a special type of messages we call Onboarding messages. Those are special e-mails and in app messages that are designed in order to give you the best introduction to the system. If you feel that you are comfortable enough in the system already, you can turn those messages of.

In the footer of an e-mail, you will find a link that will allow you to do so: 

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