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Supply with graphical material
Deliver graphical material to Cup Manager regarding your tournament app
Deliver graphical material to Cup Manager regarding your tournament app

In order for us to produce your app, we need logos and graphics from you. The material can be sent to us via e-mail.

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What our technicians will do in order to adapt the tournament app to suite your graphical profile is the following:

  • Create an app icon

  • Create a custom so called splash-screen, meaning the screen that is shown when the app is started

  • Enter your tournament specific colors in menu altenatives and such, so that the app will feel like "you" 

In order to produce this, we need the following: 

  • Logotype in high resolution

  • A image or graphic that you want to use in the splash-screen (not necessary, we will use the logo otherwise)

  • Any specific color codes or such, if you have. If not we will use the colors on your webpage

We cannot specify any specific sizes that we want on the images. This is because the different platforms (Android and Apple) is requiring a lot of different sizes to use with their different units. Our technicians will of course do this work for you, so the only thing that you have to keep in mind is sending us image files with high resolutions (meaning as large as possible). We can use both pixel based graphic (like jpg or png) or vector based (like for instance eps) image files. 

If you are having trouble finding material, or you do not have any do not hesitate to tell us, our technicians will then use their imagination and make up something with what they got. You can reach our to us via and that is also the web-page address in which you can send us the material.

As soon as we received the material we will start the production of your app.
If the app does not have enough content we cannot finalize the production until it has. Please contact us for details regarding this. 

Once the app is done, and has been approved by Apple and Android, it will be published in App Store and Google Play. We will contact you when this happens.

If you have any questions about the app process, do not hesitate to contact us via

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