Add content to your tournament app

You can add your own content to the News- and Info-section of the tournament app by entering it on the webpage. Here is how to do it.

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NOTE! The tournament app is a add-on which you can order from Cup Manager. These instructions does only apply to app owners. If you want to know more about the tournament app and/or order a app, please contact

Table of content: 

  • News items

  • Info items (also referred to as simply content-pages)

  • Log in to the webpage to start administer content

  • Create/edit and delete News items

  • Create/edit/delete and reorder Info items

News items

News items will be displayed on the News tab in the app. If there is no News item available, the tab will not show in the app at all.

You can choose from two methods:  

  • Adding them manually to your Cup Manager website, se detailed instructions below.

  • Adding a external web page that is mobile friendly which will show when users visit the News-tab. To activate this, please contact with the URL of your choice. Please allow a few days for us to process this.

Info items

Info items will be displayed on the info tab in the app. The content of this tab mirrors the content pages in your webpage if you use the Cup Manager webpage-system

If you use your own webpage and still want to add info items into the app, we can setup a private version of a webpage for you. This webpage will be unavailable for the public and you will only use it to add content that will be displayed in the app.

There are three different types of info items: 

  • Content page (where you enter the content manually)

  • Link to external URL (when you want to link to another webpage, make sure it is mobile friendly though) 

  • File (when you upload a file, for instance a PDF-file, and links to that file)

More detailed instructions on how to add content is displayed below.

Log in to the webpage to start administer content

If you already are operating a Cup Manager website you probably do not have to take any actions since content on your webpage are mirrored to your app. However, if you do not have a Cup Manager website, but instead operate your own, you need to contact Cup Manager support at in order for them to set up a private website for you. 

When the website has been setup please follow the following instructions:

  1. Please go to the URL of your webpage. You can get this from Cup Manager support. Normally it is:

  2. Log in with the same credentials as you use to login in the Cup Manager-client (your username is your email address).

  3. You will see a webpage, that normally is not published to anyone else but logged in users. You will only use this webpage to edit information that will show up in the app. Since you use your own website for other communication, no one will ever see this page but you and it is therefore no reason for you to change/edit or adjust anything else but content pages.

  4. You are now ready to start adding or editing content.

Creating/editing and deleting news items

Follow the instructions above to log in to the Cup Manager web page first.

Add news item

  1. In the top yellow admin menu, press News.

2) Press Add News

3) Write your news content piece and Save when you are done. You can images to make the News item look a little bit more attractive. The first image will be used as featured image in the app. 

Please note that we do not support for the content type called Articles to show in the app.

Edit a news item

  1. In the yellow top menu, press News

  2. Press the All published news-option

  3. Click on the news item you want to edit

  4. Press Edit. (If the the news item does not open in edit-mode, find the Edit this page now-link in the yellow box above the header).

  5. Make your changes, hit save.

Delete a news item

  1. In the yellow top menu, press News

  2. Press the All published news-option

  3. Click on the news item you want to delete

  4. Press Remove and confirm. 

Create/edit/delete and reorder Info items

Follow the instructions above to log in to the Cup Manager web page first.

Create a Info item

1) Hover the pointer on the main menu to display a green and white add button. Press it to add a new page.

2) Choose your content type:

  •  New page - this will create a empty page which you can edit and add with content such as texts and images. 

  •  External page - this will create a link to another web page. Make sure the target web page is mobile friendly, otherwise it will look bad inside the app.

  •  File - this will allow you to upload a file, for instance a PDF-file and display or download that file to the user. 

The following instructions covers how to continue with create a New page. 

3) Choose New Page, enter your page title. (It is the Menu title that will show in the app). Press OK

4) The page is now created and can be located in the menu. To edit the content of the new page, please click it in the menu and then follow the instructions below in order to create your content.

Editing a page: 

1) To edit a page, first navigate to it.2) In the yellow box above the header, please press Edit this page now.

3) Add your content into the text editor. You may want to add images and such aswell, use the image-icon for this purpose. (If you want to copy paste text from a document or another webpage please see the best practice tips below.)

4) To save your changes, hit Save.

Delete a page or change the order of pages: 

If you want to remove a page or change the order of pages go to Main menu in the top yellow admin menu.

To hide a page that you do not want to show: Click the settings-wheel-icon on the page you want to hide and choose Hide.

Unhide a page again: Click the settings-wheel-icon and choose Restore.To delete a page: First hide the page. Then press the wheel again and choose Remove for good. Some pages cannot be deleted because they are generated by Cup Manager.

To change the order of the pages: You can click, drag and drop the pages into the order you would like them to show. Just click the symbol with arrows to do so.

Working with parent pages and child pages (headers and subpages)

When you create, edit and order your pages you can tell Cup Manager that a page should be a sub page to another page. In the website the sub pages (or child pages) are shown as dropdown alternatives under the parent page. 

Please not that even though a parent page is shown correctly and looks good on the web page - in the app it will not show the content on that page - it will only be shown as a header. See image example below: 

Tournament info is the parent page to the pages Rules, Categories and Prices. Accommodation is the parent page to the pages Hotel, Hostel and School Accommodation. There is no sub pages under Contact us and Join.While all pages (both parent and sub pages) will look good and can be accessed on the webpage, in the app the parent pages, for instance Tournament info and Accommodation will not be able to open. Instead they will only be displayed as a header. This is how the example above will look like in the app: 

To change what page is parent or child page, go to Main menu and reorder the pages. You can intend (drag a page a little bit to the right underneath another page), to make it a child page to that page. See "Delete a page or change the order of pages" above for more details.

Best practice when copying and pasting text into the editor

When you copy information from another digital source a lot of invisible formatting rules will also be copied. Some of this formatting rules is not compliant with Cup Manager. This could make the page look really strange and ugly sometimes. Our best tips is to first copy and paste the text into a empty notepad-editor. Then copy the unformatted text again and paste it into the Cup Manager Page.

1) Copy the text you want to add into Cup Manager

2) Open the text editor on your computer, on Windows you can press the Windows-key on your keyboard and then type notepad. Click the Notepad-program (notepad could be exchanged with the local program name on your own language) to open it.

3) Paste the text into the notepad-editor. The text will be pasted but no formatting will follow. 

4) Select all text visible in the notepad-editor and right click and copy it once more.

5) Then go to the Cup Manager website editor and paste it:

6) Make some adjustments on the text if needed, like adding bold text, headers, bullet list and such. Done.

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