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Add advertisers to the app
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Important notice

Please note that the Advertisers-features includes the sub-features called Banners, Offers, Push-notifications and Places. All of these are in BETA-testing in cooperation with a few selected tournaments, it is not available to all tournaments. Beta-features are still under development and can contain bugs and errors. Please contact Cup Manager if you want to be added to the beta-tests as well.

What is a advertisers: 

A advertiser is the base upon which the advertising-features are built upon. It reflect the owner of a message. Currently it is not displayed at many places in the app, however it is being used when you send push notifications.

It is required to add a advertiser in order to use the features. 

How to add advertisers: 

  1. In the Cup Manager system, go to Settings, then Cup->Tournament application->Advertisers

  2. Press Add

  3. Add name of the advertiser. This will be displayed for instance as a sender to push notifications. 

  4. Add a e-mailadress to the advertiser. This currently is currently not used.

  5. Press Save all changes.


  • Sending push-notifications

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