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Send push notifications to your tournament app users
Send push notifications to your tournament app users

If you have the advertisers features activated, you can send push notifications to all your tournament app users through Cup Manager.

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  • In order to send notifications you need to be accepted as a Beta-tester and have the advertiser-features activated on your tournament. If you will not find the alternatives mentioned in this instruction, please contact Cup Manager Administration for activation. 

  • You need to add a advertiser before you begin. 

  • The app user must have given the app permission to show push notifications in his/her phone

Push notification types: 

Your push notification must always relate to another object in order for it to be sent. This object could be any of the following: 

  • A specific offer, displayed in the tournament app

  • A specific place, displayed in the tournament app

  • A specific news item, displayed in the tournament app - (won't work with RSS or own news-site). 

  • A specific info-page, displayed in the tournament app. 

  • An external URL

See detailed information on how you add/edit the different content types mentioned in the listed above further down in this instruction.

To send a push notification

In the Cup Manager-program, do the following:

  1. Go to Settings->Cup-Tournament application->Advertisers->Push

  2. Press New Message. 

  3. Choose your content type from the list, further explained below. 

  4. For all except external URL, please choose which content piece from the corresponding drop-down-selector.

5) Scroll down a little bit and write a text in the message field. Please note that different phones will display different amount of text. It is common that the text will be cut of and that the reader must press the notification in order to read more or go to the content for more info. Always keep it short and write the most important things first.

6) Hit Save changes

7) In order to send your notification press Send push to all users

8) The push notification will send. Close the Settings-dialogue by pressing Save all changes. Done. 

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