• What is a domain name and where and how can I get one

  • How to register a domain name with Domeneshop

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What is a domain name and where and how can I get one?

A domain name is an internet address which is used to specify to which web page (or actually which web server) you want to visit. For instance, is a domain name. If we would not have domain names you would have to type in the IP-adress of a server instead, for instance which is a lot harder to remember.

Is a domain name the same as a web hotel or hosting provider?
No. Domain names are often sold together with web hotels or hosting, but not always. The domain name is only the name, and nothing more. When you buy a domain name you pay for the right to use the domain name and often a control panel that could be used to control it. 

Where can I buy a domain name?
Domain name are sold from many vendors, so called registrars. You can buy your domain name from almost any one, however it is recommended you make sure that you will get access to name servers and a DNS-editor from the registrar, so that you can control your domains without any hassle. If you google register domain and your country name you will get thousands of hits with registrars that could help you out. Cup Manager uses and recommends Domeneshop, which offers cheap and reliable services with support in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and English.

How to register a domain name with Domeneshop?

Please not that you can register domains from any registrar you would like. We do have good experiences from Domeneshop and will therefor recommend it to you. The process of buying and register a domain name is often similar regardless of vendor.

1 - Go to and choose your preferred language

2 - Find the search field to search the domain name you would like to register (without www). 

3 - 

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