Age-check module (add-on)

If you have the need to document an age verification process, maybe the age-check module might be for you.

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What the module do: 

  • The module allows a crew member (from the organizer) to search any team in the tournament, and see the registered players for that team. Players must be registered by the team contact person or team leaders on beforehand. 

  • For each player the crew member can then perform an ID-check and document the form of ID that was used. 

  • Once all players are age-checked the crew member or the team leader can sign the players list to mark that the ID-check has been carried out. There is no need to sign the age check in order to register that individual players has been age checked. However, if you want to be able to filter our which registrations who has completed their age check or not, signage is required as a last step.

  • Cup administrators can see the entered method of ID in the Cup Manager-program and can also filter out the registrations that has not yet completed an ID-check.

Activate the module:

Before the module can be accessed it must be activated be a Cup Manager staff-member. Once activated the module will show up as an alternative under Permissions in the Settings under Cup -> Accesscodes for administrators application. If you are not familiar with the Cup Manager Admin-concept, please read more in the documentation. 

Accessing the age-check module: 

The module is accessed through Cup Manager-admin and can therefore be accessed through a web browser ( or via an app found in Google Play or Apple App store.

If you login to Cup Manager Admin with a valid access code, you will se the age-check-alternative in the list of modules:

Step 1 - Log in

In order to operate the module the official crew member, who should perform the ID-check, need to login in using a 10-12 digit long personal identification number.
In Sweden it is common to use the sk Personnummer, a social security number, but any 10, 11 or 12 digit long number could be used.
Please remember the four last digits you enter, as these digits will be used to confirm the ID-check once it has been completed.

Step 2 - Search for the team

In the search box, search for the name of the club and team you would like to perform the age check on. Please note that only teams in the Fixtures will be shown in the search results.

If a team is marked with a green checkmark, the team has already been completely or partially age-checked. You will not be able to change a completed age check from this interface.

Step 3 - Check players ID and document the method of identification

For each player, press the player name. A pane with four different ID-methods will become visible. Choose one of the ID-methods. The pane will automatically hide after selection. Move on to the next player and repeat the process. 

Making corrections
If you pressed the wrong button you can simply press the player again and select the correct option. If you want to remove your selection of ID-method for that player entirely, press the red reset-link right under the players name.

Step 4 - Finalize the ID-check with signature and confirmation code

  • Once all players has been checked you are ready to proceed. Press the Sign-button below the players list.

  • Please note that the On paper?-checkbox currently have no functionality for standard tournaments and should just be left untouched.

  • In order to proceed a signature must be obtained. The label says Team leader sign here, but depending on your routines anyone can sign the ID-check and finish the age-check process. To sign on a devices with touch screen such as a mobile phone simply draw with your fingers inside the box. In a web browser you must instead use the mouse. 

  • Write the team leaders name in the field below the signature. No validation is done, so if it does not fit your routines you can write any character at all.

  • In the Approve using your code-field you must write the last four digits as you used when you logged in (in step 1 above).

  • Once all of the above are done correctly the Finish-button will become active. Finish the process by pressing it. 

Display ID-check in the Players list in the program: 

If you go to a team registration and click the Players-sub tab you will be able to see which players that has been ID-checked in the list. This is view only.

Warning: If a new player is added after the age check has been performed the age check status will be empty for that player. However the status of the team will still be that they completed the age check. Therefore it is recommended to disable the possibility for teams to add or edit their players under the Publishing and sendouts-tab when the age checks start.

Displaying teams that has not completed their age check:

Above the list of registered teams, a Show only-dropbox are located. Select age-check and then Teams without signed age-check to filter out only those teams who has not yet participated in an age check. 

The ones visible in the list with registrations are registrations where one or more team still has not participated in an age check. If you want you can also invert the filter, by selecting the tab Not selected. You will then see the registrations that has perfomed their age check instead.

Please see the warning above regarding adding new players after age checks has started.

Undo a signed age-check

If you made any error or need to adjust an age check that has already been signed, the only way to do that is to undo the signage and start all over again.

Undoing can only be done from the Cup Manager-program, not in Cup Manager Admin.

  • First, go to the Players-subtab on the appropriate registration. 

  • Then, uncheck the Signed checkbox (1). 

  • Finally, do not forget to hit Save (2).

Once saved you can enter the Age check module in Cup Manager admin again and adjust your team. The system remembers the ID-data you previously entered. 

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