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Red, yellow and green cards
Red, yellow and green cards
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To register a card, press the corresponding number on the keypad: 

Home team:
1  = Green Card
4 = Yellow Card
7 = Red Card

Away team:3 = Green Card
6 = Yellow Card
9 = Red Card

Enter player number and press OK (right button). 

If you do not know the player number, you can still register the card by leaving the player field empty. The card will then be registered on the entire team/player 0. 

(Translation: Spelare=Player, Avbryt=Cancel)

If a player have previously yellow cards the phone will prompt you for a suspension.

(Translations: Utvisning=Suspensions, Nr 15 har fått ett gult kort tidigare under matchen=Number 15 already have a yellow card from earlier in this game).

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