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Use the up and down-buttons to choose the game to start. Confirm by pressing the middle button.
(Translation: Välj match=Choose game)

When you have choosen your game, the phone will ask if you are ready to start the game. DO NOT press right button untill you are really ready to start the game (right before game start/kick off). 

(Translation: Vill du starta matchen?=Do you want to start the game?, Nej=No, Ja=Yes)

If a player is suspended, and this has been registered in Cup Manager a message like the one above will appear. It will show the team and the player number that are not allowed to play. 

(Translation: Avstängd=Suspended)

The game is now started, and can be followed online and in our LIVE-app* 

(Translation: Mål=Goal) 

*The LIVE-app is an extra service which is not used by all tournaments.  



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