Import registrations into the system

If you do not want to use Cup Managers registration system, you can import your registrations via an Excel-sheet instead.

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It is easy to import teams into the systems via an Excel-sheet. This is useful if you are using another registration system, but still want to use Cup Manager for game schedule and results.

Prepare your file: 


Your file must be organized in a certain way in order to be able to import it. 

You may use the image above as an template, even though you are free to have any headers and any order of the columns as you like. When you import the file you will let Cup Manager know which field is which. 

All columns are not required. Only ID-number, club name and category are required, but we do recommend that you import as much information as possible. 

The values of a column, for instance category or shirt-color does not have to be exactly the same in the spreadsheet as it is called in the Cup Manager system. By this we mean that a category name in Cup Manager might be Boys born 2005 and could be B2005 in the spreadsheet. When you import you'll be given the chance to map a field value with a category in the system. This also applies to shirt color.

Requirements of the spreadsheet:

  • The first row should contain the column names/headers

  • Next rows should contain one team each. 

  • Each team (each row) in the spreadsheet should have a Team ID-number that is unique. There must not be two teams with the same ID.

About team ID:s and re-importing:The ID is required to be able to import the spreadsheet. If you're current registration system provides each team with an unique ID it is always best to use this. Be sure to check that the ID is unique and is not given to any other team (in for instance the same club or such). 

If you do not have any Team ID from an external system you can just make something up. Start with ID 1 for the first team and move down, increasing by one for each row.

Save your import file for later. If you ever want to re-do the import, the ID:s are used to update an already imported team instead of re-importing it again, creating a duplicate. It is always recommended that you import all fields when you re-do an import. Partial imports are not fully supported. 

When you are finished with your import preparations, save your file and move on to next step.

Start the import

  1. Go to Registrations

  2. Choose Team registrations

  3. Choose Import teams

4. Find and select your import file.5. Choose Open

Keep previously  saved values

If a dialouge like this prompts, you have already mapped some values from previous imports with system values, for instance told the system that "winered" should be interpret as "wine red". To continue using these values, simply press OK. 

Map fields

Then you have to map fields. The fields on left hand side is fields used in Cup Manager and for each field you may select a correspondent field in your excel-sheet. 

For instance the "Country" field that will be populated with the "Club country" value from the spreadsheet.

Make sure you set this up thorough. Most important is that you do setup the Team ID properly. Please note that Club ID and Team ID is note the same thing. Team ID is required, but in most situations you do not want to use a club ID.

If you do not have a certain field in your spreadsheet (make sure it is not Team ID, category or club name) then just select "(Not in file)".

When you are done, hit the OK-button. 

Answer questions from the system:

If the system is unsure of any value in your spreadsheet, it will ask you, as in this example. Select the appropriate answer that corresponds with the one in the spreadsheet. In this case Great Britain is not the official country name, so you'll have to help Cup Manager understand that it is United Kingdom that you are referring to. 

If the system cannot interpret a category name, it could be either selected from the drop-down, or a new category can be created directly from the import-module.

Cup Manager is importing your files


When the work is done, all newly imported registrations could be found in the list to the left. 

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